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Program Contributors

ESL Adult Education | Español
This program is founded by the Title III NCLB grant; below are the goals/objectives for this program. There is a curriculum provided to assist the teachers and there are three levels of language development. The classes are provided twice a week for the length of 10 weeks; twice a year.
  1. Learn English as a second language for the purpose of improving parent-school communication and involvement.
  2. Develop knowledge of the U.S educational system, and Valley View School District 365U.
  3. Develop life-skills to facilitate community involvement and interaction through the use of technology.

Bilingual Parent Council | Español
This program is founded by the Title III NCLB grant, below are the goals/objectives for this program. The BPC meets frequently throughout the school year. The coordinators and the Bilingual Director follow to meet with the current council to discuss present concerns and issues. Based on those, the coordinators gather information, contact non-profit organizations and presenters for upcoming workshops.
  1. Work with the bilingual parent council to represent the bilingual community within the school district and form a new council at the end of February for the following school year.
  2. Foster the communication among the administration, teachers, parents and students.
  3. Develop informative workshops/forums for elementary, middle and high school parents.
  4. Foster the concept of parent and teacher collaboration