Safety Measures in Place
Valley View has begun the process of upgrading security in all of its schools by installing buzzer entry systems, lockdown alarms, Keltron wireless transceiver, intruder lock hardware and external flashing lights.
  • The buzzer systems will allow staff to admit properly identified visitors while stationed at their desks.
  • When pressed, the lockdown alarm buttons will not only immediately alert the local police department but will also sound an easily recognizable alarm throughout the building that will alert every teacher to go into hard lockdown procedures. 
  • The Keltron wireless transceiver works in conjunction with the lockdown alarm button, once the lockdown down alarm is activated it will immediately send a signal to the police department dispatch centers alerting the police instantly of the lockdown and the need for police assistance. 
  • Anti-intruder locks will enable teachers/staff members to quickly lock doors in the event of an emergency.
  • External flashing lights on the outside of the school building indicating the building is in a lockdown. The lights are visible to any staff, parent or community member approaching the building.