Digital Footprint

Internet Safety & Digital Citizenship
Digital Footprint Your digital footprint says a lot about how you navigate the Internet.

You leave a digital trail of your Internet usage whenever you are online.

While the Internet offers many wonderful educational uses, students must be on guard to protect their privacy, be good digital citizens, protect themselves from those who would do them harm, and follow copyright laws and and intellectual property rights. Illinois has created an act (see link below) that requires all districts to educate their students on Internet safety. VVSD 365U has created an Internet Safety curriculum that focuses on the themes of Online Safety, Cyber Citizenship, and Intellectual Property. These themes (Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship) can provide students with invaluable tools to become a digital citizen that leaves a solid digital footprint.  
Information for all VVSD Staff to make a Digital Citizenship District-Wide change:
Step 1: Remove the fear. Start a Digital Citizenship campaign. Promote and encourage the use of personal social media networks, apps, and devices. It is no longer taboo to visit YouTube or Tweet during the school day. Appropriate use of available websites and apps can greatly benefit the learning and teaching experience.

Step 2: Teach the skills. Explain piracy. Show safe ways to purchase online. Demonstrate how to upload images without including the EXIF or geo-location data.

Step 3: Highlight the positive outcomes from participation and usage of websites, apps and devices. Define personal versus professional use of our digital footprint. Focus on appropriate versus inappropriate use.

Step 4: If something negative happens, don’t jump to create a new policy, write a referral or block a website. Make a decision based on the person’s action, not the technology. It is ill-advised to look for a technology solution for a non-technology problem.
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