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  • Welcome to the Special Teachers overview page! The Valley View School District 365U curriculum is aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards and utilizes a variety of teaching strategies to meet the needs of all students. We further our education goals by providing access to art, music, and physical education alongside our core studies.


    Art education at the elementary level affects student growth and development beyond the art classroom both physically and educationally. Development of motor skills is supported by motion required in art classes, including holding pencils and crayons or using a paintbrush. Decision-making and visual learning skills are also supported in art classes for young students as they are required to use creativity and critical-thinking skills in designing their own art projects. The development of visual-spatial skills is supported with drawing and painting activities. Additionally, the process-driven basis of art education develops student ability to engage in a project and develop creative solutions to a problem.


    Music education also benefits the mental and social development of the young child. Similar to art education, music helps to develop spatial intelligence -- particularly spatial-temporal skills -- which allows students to visualize how elements fit together, which is required in solving math problems. Music education is also found to support language development as music supports the development of the left side of the brain, which also processes language. 


    Physical Education
    In addition to the health benefits of physical education, there are also educational, psychological and emotional benefits to its inclusion at the elementary level. According to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, physical education can support knowledge learned in other disciplines, including science, math and social studies. Physical activity also increases self-discipline, judgment and goal-setting skills. The inclusion of physical education in the school day helps students strengthen relationships with their peers, reduces stress and improves self-confidence and self-esteem.



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