College & Career Readiness Resources
Occupational Outlook Handbook
The OOH can help you find career information on duties, education and training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of occupations.
Career Exploration Guides and Resources for Younger Students
A central location for Career and Technical Education resources for students and educational professionals.
College Changes Everything
College Changes Everything™ is a College Access Movement initiated by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission.
Tools Elementary and Middle School students can use. 

Career Aisle > Career Clusters
Career clusters connect what students learn in school with the knowledge and skills they need for success in college and careers.
Here are some important life skill competencies which can give your children a leg-up in their futures for college and the rest of their lives thereafter. 

Preparing Middle School Students For A Career
This guide provides information about how middle schools can promote the development and education of adolescents, especially about how they can focus students' attention on career opportunities and training.
Eighth grade is a critical defining point for students in the college and career planning process. 

Tips for helping your children make it through middle school. 

Additional tips for transitioning your child from elementary school to middle school. 

A look at teaching children about college at an early age. 

Things to consider when picking the right time for your child to attend school. 

Providing support and encouragement, as well as assisting with planning, increases the probability of attending and graduating from college. 

A checklist of items your child should be able to perform before moving onto the next grade. 

College today means much more than just pursuing a four- year degree at a university. 

This site will provide you with important suggestions and reminders to support you through your child's unique career development. 

Get more practice with over 15,000 worksheets. 
A look at one school's mission to make children college ready at an earlier age.