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English Language Learners / Bilingual Education
Our mission is to provide instructional and material support to teachers, students, parents and community so our students in the process of acquiring or perfecting their English as a Second Language skills can do so effectively, while learning all necessary concepts from our core academic curricula and developing high levels of analytic thinking and reasoning.

Nuestra misión es proporcionar apoyo pedagógico y material a maestros, estudiantes, padres y comunidad, para que nuestros estudiantes en proceso de adquirir o perfeccionar sus habilidades de Inglés como Segundo Idioma lo puedan hacer eficazmente mientras aprenden los conceptos necesarios de nuestro plan de estudios académico y desarrollan altos niveles de pensamiento analítico y de razonamiento.
About Our Program
All students who, at the time of their enrollment in our district, are identified through the home language survey as those whose native language is other than English are assessed to measure their proficiency in this language in the areas of Speaking, Reading and Writing. If the scores indicate a student is in need of additional support to acquire/increase proficiency in this language, he/she is recommended for the district's English language learning program.

Valley View School District offers these services in all elementary schools for students whose native language is different than Spanish. Spanish speaking students receive this support in one of 6 elementary schools, depending on the area of the district in which they reside: (Independence [K-2], Jonas Salk [K-2], J.R. Tibbott [K-5], B.J. Ward [K-5], Beverly Skoff [K-5] and R.C. Hill [K-1]). Students in grades 6-12 who are English Language Learners (ELL) receive language support when placed in one of 3 middle school (Brooks, Humphrey and Lukancic) and Bolingbrook High School.

The language of instruction for native Spanish speaker students in the K-2 ELL classrooms is Spanish. English is introduced since kindergarten, and its use in the classroom increases as the students move from one grade to the next one. English becomes the main language of instruction once students reach the second half of second grade. English is the only language of instruction for the bulk of ELL students in grades 3 to 5. K-5 ELL students whose native language is not Spanish are placed in a different program. English is the only language of instruction for these children and the acquisition of this language is supported by their ESL K-5 teacher in a daily basis. ELL students in grades 6-12 are taught English through their ESL classes (three levels). English Language Learning supported courses in the areas of mathematics, science and social studies are available in these grades.

Becoming socially and academically proficient in a second language takes time. Every child is different, but we have noticed that many of our ELL students tend to transition into general education after three to four years in our program. Students in upper grades start transitioning into general education classes even before then. Our primary goal is to make sure our ELL students exit the program with strong linguistic tools in their new language so they can be successful in their lives; inside and outside the classrooms of Valley View. Students, teachers, school administrators and families are aware of the fact that our ELL students will be part of our program for only a few years. Once they become fully proficient in English, it is time to let them go so they can continue their academic journey and English language acquisition in the general education environment.
ELL/Bilingual Staff & Contact Information

755 Dalhart Ave.
Romeoville, IL 60446
Phone: (815) 886-2700
Fax: (815) 886-7296
Spanish Hotline:
Nuestra Línea Telefónica Distrital para Atención a Padres, Alumnos y Comunidad de Habla Hispana:
(815) 886-2700 extensión 6477

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