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Pillars of Valley View: B.J. Ward

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Nicole Tulo and Steven Popp are B.J. Ward’s Pillars of Valley View.

Mrs. Tulo is Ward's Social Worker.  She is a pillar in all facets of the word. From pushing in and piloting the district's new Social Emotional Learning plan to meeting with small groups during lunches, she helps staff meet the social emotional needs of their students in a way that works for each individual. She is also involved in Yearbook (focusing on all the details so that students, families, and teachers alike can cherish the memories each year); she supports families in crisis as families face struggle throughout the school year; she organizes the Giving Tree (8 years in a row), she assists with the Northern Illinois Food Bank back pack program and food truck and she worked with the 1st and 3rd Social Emotional Learning Pilot.

Mr. Popp is a 5th grade teacher.  He not only supports our students in the classroom but is also involved in many leadership positions and member of several teams.  To mention a few: he is the fifth grade level leader, Building Impact Team, Visible Learning Team, Cooperating teacher for clinical students, mentor for new district teachers and a member of the district Science committee.    And he provides professional development to our staff during faculty meetings