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Comedy about high school life on stage at Brooks March 1-3

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          Brooks Middle School’s Drama Club will present  “Where Were You When the Tardy Bell Rang?” by Craig Sodaro on stage March 1-3.

          A lively look at life in high school, the comedy features eight funny, but insightful, sketches that examine such things as what happens when a new exchange student joins French class, who will be chosen for the Charity Fitness Challenge team, what happened to the bake sale money and why do all the boys find HER so interesting. 

          Cast members include:

Foreign Language--Kerri: Hana Chow, Molly:          Gianna Capp, Julie: Sierra Slahor and Ramon: Ethan Mercado

Alien Invasion--Mandy: Allie Miechowicki, Carly: Autumn Wright, Naomi:         Rheya Pigors, Skeeter: Zachary Zoeller and Bradley: Jonathan McAndrews

The Test--Savannah: Sophia Dimond, Jen: Arianna Watts, Ms. Johnson: Briaja Braggs, Neely: Chelsea Crisp, Mike: Amir Bell, Alex: Madison Chandler, John: Nicholas Jones and Principal:     Kylah Fulgrum

The Audition--LaShawn: Theodora Opoku, Carol: Erin Ford, Dawn: Gracie Avery, Jeff: Aditya Rajan, Ms. Dawson: Gisselle Cordoba and Natalie: Amanda Harold

Sticky Fingers--Daria: Kailey Dwyer, Brittany: Lacy Peterson, Trey: Ewan Gorski, Blake: Ethan Mercado, Neil: Nicholas Jones and Felix: Nate Worlton.

Call Me Ishmael--Marian: Mackenzie Stehle, Kate: Josephine Donkor, Sam: Zachary Zoeller, Deke: Nate Worlton, Ari: Lacy Peterson, Ms. Sledge: Gracie Avery and Ms. Scoboda: Shams Alumaili

The Challenge--Desiree: Hana Chow, Toni: Gracie Avery, Ashley: Sophia Dimond, Brianna: Mackenzie Stehle, Tim: Jacob Redwinski and Jake: Jonathan McAndrews  

The Jitters--Marcie (student): Madison Chandler and George (custodian): Amir Bell

          Crew members include: Gracie Chang and John Jimenez (spotlight); Aliya Llereza and Gavin Diltz (sound board); Katherine Karafotias (light board); Olivia Zelinski, Samantha Zelinski, Jamison King and Elijah Brutus (sound board); Joanna Lopez (curtain puller); Samantha Dela Pena, Nyah Joyce and Jasmin Gutierrez (costumes and makeup); Allysa Gulledge and Kylie McGrath (House and publicity).

          Robyn Abrams is Student Director. Josh Selep is Stage Manager. Macey Walker is Assistant Stage Manager.

          Ruth Bardy is Director with assistance from Claudia Chavez-Miranda and Suzanne Marrano.

          Curtain time all three nights is 7 p.m. Tickets are $4 in advance or $5 dollars at the door.

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